The Tourism Authority of Thailand and AirAsia have launched a campaign to stimulate tourism in three regions of the country, expecting to generate 40,000 customers and a revenue of 305 million baht.

The campaign is carried out in the North, Northeast and Southern under the name of "Muan Zab Nookjanghoo" or "Fly around Thailand with AirAsia" from February - June 2014. This will help encourage people to travel more often and hopefully motivate Thais who have never traveled to travel to different parts of the country.

AirAsia now has a total of 14 routes covering all regions and last year its loading average rate expanded about 18 percent with a number of service users of 9,600,000. Approximately, 80 percent were tourists and 20 percent people using it for general travel. This year, 13 million service users are expected.-VNA