Thailand plans to grant migrant workers and their families from neighbouring countries access to national health services without having to undergo a nationality identification process.

The plan is in response to the government’s policy to provide healthcare to everybody in Thailand, especially mothers and children accompanying migrant workers.

This policy will help solve social problems such as human trafficking, child abuse, prostitution, drug abuse and crimes, and will also be something in return for the contribution of migrant workers to the country’s gross domestic product.

The Public Health and Labour ministries have decided to set up affordable healthcare plans, such as 1 baht per day for children, which will entitle them to free education; and 2,200 baht per year for adults plus another 600 baht per year for physical exams.

There are some 3 million migrant workers and families in Thailand whom still have problems with the complicated nationality identification process.

In a short-term, the two ministries proposed to set up temporary community housing for migrant workers, and then the Education Ministry will be asked to provide vocational education to workers in a move to boost manpower in long terms.-VNA