Thailand celebrated the New Year with a good news that the country was listed as one of the world’s 25 best places to retire to in 2015 by International Living, a North American-based magazine for retirees.

The Annual Global Retirement Index of the magazine released on January 1, 2015 placed Thailand number 10 with a total score of 84.6.

The report combined several real-world insights about buying and renting, benefits and discounts, cost of living, fitting in, entertainment and amenities, health care, infrastructure and climate of each of the 25 countries.

“As Asia’s appeal to North American expatriates continues to grow, Thailand has become a popular destination because they could combines the best of authentic Asian cuisine and culture with enough North American influences to help you feel at home,” according to the magazine.

Thailand ’s is regarded as a welcoming country for people to retire on a long-term basis, and the retirement visa does not stipulate an annual minimum stay.

In addition, retirees are eligible for visas at the relatively young age of 50, and there are no additional financial requirements for their dependents.

Retirement visas are issued when applicants prove their income, which currently stands at around 65,000 THB (2,100 USD) a month.-VNA