Thailand develops skills to prepare workers for AEC hinh anh 1Workers at Toyota factory in Thailand (Photo: AFP)

The Thai Ministry of Labour on October 3 revealed a plan to help millions of workers develop their skills so as to prepare them for job opportunities when the country joins the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by the year-end.

Deputy Permanent Secretary for Labour M.L. Puntarik Smiti said that the ministry is administering about 39 million workers nationwide, 12 million of whom have entered the welfare system and will be the target of the government’s plan that provides them with proper skill training for jobs either in the country or overseas.

These workers will also be taught foreign languages and information technology, Smiti added.

Thailand encourages them to work in the tourism and service sectors which could bring great earnings to the country when the AEC is formed, he said.

It is estimated that over four million workers have attended the government’s skills development programmes every year.-VNA