Thailand EC announces 349 seat winners for House of Representatives hinh anh 1Checking votes at a polling station in Narathiwat, Thailand (Photo: AFP / VNA)

Bangkok (VNA) –
Thailand’s Election Commission (EC) on May 7 announced the list of 349 candidates who won seats in the House of Representatives in the March 24 election.

The Pheu Thai Party topped the list with 136 members of parliament (MPs), followed by Palang Pracharath with 97 MPs.

Of the remaining parties, the Bhumjaithai (Proud Thais) Party has 39 MPs, the Democrat Party 33, the Future Forward Party 30, the Chart Thai Pattana (Developed Thailand) Party six, the Prachachart (People’s Nation) Party six, the Action Coalition for Thailand Party one, and the Chartpattana (Developed Country) Party one.

A total of 350 MPs were elected. However, one MP of the Pheu Thai Party in Chiang Mai has not been announced yet due to bribery accusations.

A by-election will be held on May 26.

Thailand’s House of Representatives consists of 500 seats for a four-year term, of which 350 are directly elected by constituencies and 150 are elected indirectly according to the party list.

The EC is scheduled to publicise another 150 candidates as party-list MPs on May 8. –VNA