Thailand: election results not to be affected by vote rerun hinh anh 1Illustrative photo (Source: Xinhua/VNA)

Bangkok (VNA) – The Election Commission (EC) of Thailand said that outcomes of the April 21 election re-run will not change the results of the general election, which took place on March 24.

The EC ordered re-elections at six polling stations in Bangkok, Lampang, Phetchabun, Phitsanulok and Yasothon provinces as the number of voters who turned up did not match the number of marked ballots.

It also required recounting of votes at two stations in Khon Kaen province because the first counts were inconsistent with the number of voters and marked ballots.

On April 22, the EC said re-election results at these stations will be added to the overall counting of their areas.

Official poll results are scheduled to be released no later than May 9.

Thailand held its general election on March 24 at more than 92,000 constituencies across the nation. The EC’s preliminary results with over 95 percent of votes counted showed that the Palang Pracha Rath party that supports Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha won the most popular votes nationwide, followed by the Pheu Thai party.-VNA