Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - The Forest Industry Organization (FIO) has unveiled a plan to promote the expansion of economic forests to boost incomes of agriculturists and the extent of treed areas. 

FIO Director Pornpen Warawilawan announced today that the FIO plans to increase economic forests by 15 percent or 200,000 acres by 2036. Farmers whose yields are becoming less profitable have been urged to turn to economic plants such as black wattle, eucalyptus, teak and Burma padauk. 

The FIO will offer financial support and tree saplings to agriculturists for three years. The project is expected to enable the participants to earn around 33,000 - 67,000 baht in annual income. Around 2,000 agriculturists have registered for the economic forest project so far. 

The FIO plans to increase economic forests by 10,000 acres per year. Economically-important plants have covered over 1,100 acres of land in seven provinces and will expand to another 8,700 acres in 36 provinces in 2018.-VNA