During the latest round of free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations between Thailand and the European Union, Thai representatives proposed that the two parties cooperate in technological exchange in terms of medicine research and development.

Olarn Chaiprawat, head of the negotiation committee for the Thai-EU FTA, said the second round of talks last week touched on many issues, such as the trade liberalisation of goods and services, trade obstacles and sustainable development.

The two parties followed up on the progress of the work which they had agreed during the first round of negotiations held in Brussels , Belgium in May. They also discussed each other’s trade rules and regulations and agreed to hold sideline talks in the operational-level.

Following concerns that the FTA would affect the accessibility of medicine, the Thai side asked the EU to work with it in exchanging technology for the commercial production of pharmaceutics to increase people’s access to medicine.

The next round of negotiations is scheduled in Brussels in December this year.-VNA