The Thai Minister of Commerce, along with many government sectors, has held an ASEAN fair and seminar under the theme of "Dynamism of Thai Economy in the ASEAN Community".

The fair consists of seven zones, including the ASEAN Community Presentation, showcasing exhibitions and all-round information on ASEAN; the ASEAN Pavilion, introducing the uniqueness of each ASEAN member and its highlighted products; the OTOP-select 2013 booths, selling food and crafts; the AEC Business service zone; the ASEAN Industrial Cluster, and the main stage for performances, which include fashion shows and demonstrations.

Interactive screens have been set up at the event to inform the public of useful information about the ASEAN formation. ASEAN costumes are also available for visitors to try on and have memorable photographs taken.

Seminars on ASEAN and economic directions, especially for industrial supply chains, are held daily at the event, with various specialists and lecturers attending the forum. The purpose of the event is to implement the cabinet's policy assigning the Commerce Ministry to be the Thai official AEC Coordinating Agency.

As the ASEAN Community is set to be established in two years' time, it is the government's duty to raise awareness of and enthusiasm for competition in new markets and neighbouring countries.

The event is being held at the Government Complex building on Chaeng wattana road in Nonthaburi province, from October 28 until November 6.-VNA