Thailand hosts ASEAN seminar on climate change hinh anh 1Landslide as a result of climate change (Photo: VNA)

Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - Thailand is hosting an ASEAN seminar to exchange information and technology needed to address climate change. 

The seminar saw the attendance of experts on weather modification and meteorology from China, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and the World Meteorological Organisation.

Participants are scheduled to visit the Royal Rainmaking Operations Centre of the Northern Region and the Huai Hong Khrai Royal Development Study Centre, in order to learn about cloud-seeding innovations developed by His Majesty King Rama IX. 

Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Kridsada Boonrat said the country’s royal rainmaking project is renowned among foreign nations, inspiring many countries such as Jordan and Sri Lanka to study and emulate Thailand’s methods.

He said the Thai government has incorporated His late Majesty’s weather modification techniques into the country’s 20-year national strategy, in order to create an ASEAN knowledge base by 2026 and become a world leader in the field by 2036. 

This meeting is expected to lead to the development of natural disaster warning systems to better mitigate losses, as well as research collaboration and technological development for an increase in rainfall in arid areas.

Participants will foster further cooperation in providing moisture to areas prone to wildfires, in order to address issues of drought and smog.-NNT/VNA