The Thailand Tourism Festival 2015 has been launched in Lumpini Park , Bangkok to kick off the Discover Thainess campaign, which is aimed at stimulating travel around the country this year.

The festival is normally held in June in conjunction with the country’s largest travel trade fair, the Thailand Travel Mart Plus. However, the Thai Tourism Authority (TAT) rescheduled the date to coincide with the grand opening celebration of the Discover Thainess campaign to showcase Thailand ’s unique cultural treasures and the Thai way of happiness to international visitors. This year is a very special year for Thai tourism.

The festival offers a display of Thailand ’s glorious centuries old culture and rich natural heritages that can be classified into five categories, or five major regions of Thailand – Central Region, North, Northeast, East and South.

During the event, local and international visitors have a chance to immerse themselves in the Thai way of life through observing and participating in various activities available at the five uniquely-designed Thailand tourism villages.

The five cultural villages feature variations in the Thai way of life in the five regions of Thailand . Each is designed to evoke the distinct atmosphere of the region it represents.

The Thai government has announced 2015 is the year of Discover Thainess during which special events and activities is being held to promote the image of Thainess as well as distinctive and unique local wisdom to both Thai and foreign tourists.

Thainess is explained as the Thai way of life, the country’s peacefulness, love, unity, safety, and, more importantly, the friendliness of Thai people.

The festival will run until January 18.-VNA