Thailand Industry Expo 2019 underway hinh anh 1TI Pavilion: Synergy for Success (Source:

Bangkok (NNT/VNA)
- The Thai Ministry of Industry has organised an event to enable Thai entrepreneurs to accommodate change according to the Thailand 4.0 policy by allowing the industrial sector to play an important role in developing the country’s personnel and providing skills, knowledge and ability in modern science.

It is the beginning of the country’s transition to the future era.

The Ministry of Industry has cooperated with partner agencies to open the "Thailand Industry Expo 2019” on the concept of  "Synergy for Success " to reflect the views of changes driven by the government sector towards integration of cooperation by all sectors to create new opportunities and possibilities for Thai industries.

Industry Minister Suriya Jungrungruangkit who presided over the opening ceremony stated that Thailand is now adjusting to the Thailand 4.0 era, which focuses on creating value and benefiting from innovation. The country’s personnel is being encouraged to develop skills and acquire knowledge of modern science.
The industrial sector, therefore, plays a part in focusing on the link between workers, people, machinery and equipment that will help create rapid economic growth. This will lead to income redistribution and a reduction in inequality. It is considered the beginning of creating enough significant changes to become Thailand 4.0 in the future.-NNT/VNA