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Bangkok (VNA) - Major political parties in Thailand on April 1 began the process of reconfirming their memberships and resumed official contact with their members for the first time since the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) issued a ban on political activity following the coup d'état in May 2014.

The Democrat Party, the oldest party in Thailand, hosted an event at its headquarters in Bangkok on April 1 to update the list of its members. Right on the first day, the party collected more than one million baht (32,000 USD) in membership fee.

The Democrat Party currently has around 2.5 million members and more than 300 representative offices across the country.

Democrat Party Secretary General Abhisit Vejjajiva, who is also a former prime minister, announced the party’s progamme of action, towards a so-called “new era”.

Abhisit reaffirmed that he does not support Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha assuming his post again in the next term and Democrat Party members must observe this principle.

Meanwhile, Pheu Thai party also called on its members to register at the party’s headquarters in Bangkok and in provinces. The party is planning to hold an unofficial event on April 4 to announce its next moves.

An informed party source said the Pheu Thai party would call a general meeting once the NCPO lifts the ban on political activity.

Other political parties such as Bhum Jai Thai and Chart Thai Pattana have also been re-gathering their members and issued statements on their political standpoints ahead of the election.

Under the regulations, political parties are permitted to verify their memberships and must complete the registration of their members and submit to the Election Commission (EC) by the end of this month.-VNA