Mozambique's Minister of Transportation and Communication Paulo Zucula has met with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to discuss cooperation on aviation during his official visit to Thailand.

During his meeting with the Thai Premier, Zucula praised Thailand for its peaceful environment and steady economic growth, while expressing a keen interest in various areas which Thailand has extensive expertise in, especially aviation.

According to the minister, Mozambique is now undergoing a development project for its airports and air traffic control in order to uplift its aviation system in line with the international standard. Mozambique , therefore, asks Thailand to help improve its staff and technology in the aviation field.

In response, Yingluck said Thailand will be happy to lend its hand to Mozambique , while ordering the Mozambique Transportation Ministry to give its full support to the Southeast African country.

Both parties also discussed preparations for the Thai Premier’s visit to the Republic of Mozambique , which is scheduled for late July. The visit will be the first ever by a Thai leader in the Thai-Mozambican history.-VNA