Bangkok (VNA)Thailand and Myanmar have reached a deal on the issuance of official documents to Myanmar workers, allowing them to work legally in the country, according to local media. 

Thai Labour Minister Sirichai Distakul had a recent visit to Myanmar to discus solutions to the migrant labour issue. 

In the past two weeks, after Thailand’s new regulations on foreign workers took effect, dozens of thousand of Myanmar and Cambodian workers left for their home countries, affecting the nation’s economy and society.

The regulations impose heavy fines on migrant labourers who do not have work permit. 

The two countries will work together to ensure that Myanmar workers will be documented to work legally in Thailand by rechecking their documents from July 24 to August 8, said Myanmar Minister for Labour, Immigration and Population Thein Swe following his meeting with Thai Labour Minister in Naypyidaw, Myanmar.

There will be no cost for the service for workers, and Myanmar will open six additional offices to issue the certificate of identity (CI) to Myanmar labourers, helping them work legally in Thailand, he added.

Mobile teams of Thai authorities will also issue CI cards to Myanmar migrant workers who cannot return to Myanmar, then send their registration documents to the Myanmar side.

These workers will become legal after their government grants passports or other legal documents to them.-VNA