Deputy Prime Minister Police Captain Chalerm Yubamrung has suggested that drug eradication be put as a regional agenda in order to prevent the spread of illicit substances into Thailand , according to the National News Bureau of Thailand (NNT).

While chairing a meeting on the narcotic suppression policy at the Office of the Narcotics Control Board, Police Captain Chalerm stressed that in order to stamp out drug problems, Thailand must seek cooperation from its neighboring countries, including China , Myanmar , Laos and Cambodia .

To address the domestic drug issue, the deputy premier said the Office of National Drug Control Policy has given its strategy to the Royal Thai Army, the Royal Thai Navy and the Royal Air Force as well as the Royal Thai Police and all provincial governors.

Meanwhile, Police Captain Chalerm explained that drug addicts currently undergoing treatment can be divided into those that have entered rehab programs at their own will, by force and persuasion. He assured that they will soon be able to return to their families and society without any traces of drugs in their bodies./.