Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - Sakda Wichiansilp, director general of the Department of Ground Water Resources, has visited areas affected by drought in Sakon Nakhon province and followed up on the project to develop ground water for large-sized farms in the dry season.

Mr. Sakda held a meeting with relevant officials on the project, which is financed by the Fund for Ground Water Development.

The director general of the Department of Ground Water Resources said officials have inspected conditions of ground water wells, water pumps and systems, which make tap water from ground water and improve the quality of water.

He also offered advice to local villagers on the repair and maintenance of ground water wells and the truck-mounted distribution of ground water for drinking in drought-hit areas. Members of the public can call 02 666 7099 for help.

In Surin province, Chirayu Nantharathorn, inspector attached to the Prime Minister’s Office, visited drought-hit areas and followed up on the project to increase the volume of water in Suwannapha reservoir in Kang Aen subdistrict of Prasat district serving 2,856 households. There has been less than 30 percent of capacity in the main reservoir so far this year, prompting provincial officials to pump water from nearby ponds continually. The water has evaporated quickly in the hot weather. Officials have surveyed three more water wells, from where ground water might be pumped, while residents of Kang Aen municipality have been advised to use water sparingly./.