Thailand open to opinions on political developments hinh anh 1Thai National Assembly (Source: Xinhua/VNA)
Bangkok (VNA)Thailand’s Foreign Ministry on July 15 issued a press release confirming that the Thai Government is open to opinions and is cooperating with foreign diplomats in Bangkok to provide information on political developments in the country, including the draft Constitution and the referendum.

The press release was in reply to a letter calling for an open dialogue on the referendum by the Ambassadors of 22 countries and the head of the European Union delegation to Thailand.

Public order and social harmony are key for the Government to be able to see through the roadmap towards sustainable democracy, stated the press release.

Therefore, the Government has promulgated a number of laws to ensure that public order and social harmony prevail. These laws do not impinge on the right to freedom of speech, as long as such speeches do not undermine public order or social harmony.

The Thai Government has been receptive to all views regarding the current process of reconciliation and reform, the document noted.

On July 14, the ambassador of the 22 nations and the head of the EU delegation to Thailand sent the letter calling on the Thai Government to allow its people to engage in an open dialogue, forge common links, and find the consensus needed to build a strong and sustainable future for all.

The diplomats affirmed their governments’ hope that Thailand would swiftly escape from the process of the current political transition to achieve a sustainable democracy and become a dynamic economy, as the nation holds an important role in boosting regional cooperation and international trade and promoting the globe’s common values.

While condemning efforts to use the referendum process to provoke violence, the ambassadors said that prohibition on peaceful public expression of views inhibits debate and increases tensions.-VNA