The Airports of Thailand PLC (AOT) is following a plan to develop and manage an Airport City in the country.

AOT Director Mekin Petplai, said that Suvarnabhumi and Chek Lap KoK, Hong Kong’s international airport have some similarities in their features, which should be helpful in developing the airport city.

The agency is now urgently working on the development of Suvarnabhumi airport. Once completed in late 2016, the Bangkok-based airport will be able to serve 100 million passengers a year.

In the first phase, Suvarnabhumi Airport ’s capacity will be raised to 60 million passengers per year from the current 45 million passengers.

The Airport City development also includes the construction of the red and green line train facilities, and a sports complex.

The project is expected to contribute to a transportation lifestyle in three ways: for general purposes, tourism purposes and business purposes.-VNA