Thailand: Pork imports from US yet to be allowed hinh anh 1Thailand has yet to allow pork imports from the US (Source: National News Bureau of Thailand)

Bangkok (VNA) – Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce has announced that it needs to amend several regulations before pork imports from the US are allowed.

The statement was made by Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn in mid-October, according to the Thai media.

She affirmed that Thailand has not yet allowed pork imports from the US and refuted claims that the two countries’ leaders had agreed on the move.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has been tasked with assembling a committee of public and private representatives as well as pig farmers to study the issue, she stated.

Apiradi also noted that although Thailand must comply with the World Trade Organisation standards, it will not harm domestic industries, producers or consumers.

Thailand bans imports of US pork and chicken for fear of contamination with ractopamine, a feed additive widely used in the US.

The US has been pushing harder for Thailand to open its market to imported pork and chicken after an almost six year ban.

However, since the beginning of September, Thai farmers have protested in front of the Government Office and the Commerce Ministry to oppose any concessions.

According to experts, the resumption of pork imports from the US may harm big companies like Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited and Thai Foods Group Public Company Limited and some 200,000 farmers.

Thailand is estimated to raise about 18 million pigs each year with total market price of 3.5 billion USD.-VNA