The Thai economy is expected to grow 4.5 percent in 2015, according to the National Institute of Development Administration.

The increase will stem from stimulated public expenditure, economic recovery of the country’s major trade partners, and the formation of the ASEAN economic community (AEC).

Domestic investment is expected to grow 8 percent thanks to the launch of a number of the government’s investment projects in the second quarter and projects worth 1.3 trillion THB (39.5 billion USD) approved last year.

Exports are projected to increase by 5 percent from improved international trading with major partners such as the US and China.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s stock market is predicted to increase 1,750 points following the implementation of a cooperative plan between the nation and the AEC. Currently, a quarter of Thai total trade revenue, representing up to a trillion THB (30.4 billion USD), is generated through transactions between regional economies destined to become members of the future AEC.

Thanks to government policies to raise local income and boost public spending, domestic consumption and private investment are expected to increase by 4 and 8 percent, respectively.-VNA