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Bangkok (VNA) – The Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has affirmed that the current flooding situation in several northern and central provinces is not worrying and will not lead to massive flooding in Bangkok like in 2011.

This was assured by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Chutima Bunyaprapatsorn on May 31.

Earlier, the Thai government established a centre for urgent information about flooding following heavy rains in the north and the central that flooded several localities.

She said though low-lying areas in four provinces of Sukhothai, Suphanburi, Lopburi and Saraburi are flooded, the Royal Irrigation Department disclosed that major dams across the country can take in additional 34 billion cu.m, or about 45 percent of the dams’ total capacity as currently they hold 41 billion cu.m of water.

According to her, the water level in Chao Phraya River passing through Bangkok and several central provinces remains normal.

Meanwhile, in Suphanburi province, the water level in Thachian River has risen and overflowed into farmlands in four districts and the provincial seat, submerging 800ha of rice.-VNA