The Thai government is confident that the country will continue to be the world’s top rice exporter this year.

During the House debate on September 13, Koravee Prisananuntagul, a Chart Thai Pattana MP from Ang Thong Province, asked Deputy Commerce Minister Poom Sarapol about the progress of state-sponsored rice pledging program.

In his response, Poom stated that the National Rice Policy Committee has already made sure that rice farmers will be able to benefit from the government’s project, with the procedures clearly laid out to allow farmers to pledge their supplies with authorised rice millers.

Moreover, he said that the government is now considering allowing farmers to pledge their rice up to twice a year, without any condition regarding the source of the supply to be pledged.

Regarding other irregularities surrounding the pledging procedure, the Deputy Commerce Minister said that the National Rice Policy Committee and the Department of Special Investigation have been doing their best to receive all rice supplies to be pledged at the prices originally set by the government.-VNA