Thailand and the Republic of Korea have signed a Memorandum of Understand (MOU) on water management.

Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Theera Wongsamut, on August 15, represented Thailand in the signing with Myung Pil Shim from the RoK Ministry of Transport, Land and Maritime Land Affairs.

Mr. Theera stated that the newly-signed MOU allows senior officials and operating staff of both countries to exchange ideas and knowledge on how to efficiently manage water. It also opens doors for meetings and seminars on the issue, which will enable
academics, researchers and interested individuals to share information and technological advancement as well as experience in respective areas.

The Thai Agriculture Minister believes that the closer cooperation of both nations will help Thailand improve its approaches for drought and flood, induced by global climate change.

Meanwhile, Mr. Myung Pil Shim said that leading construction companies in his country have expressed an interest in Thailand ’s water management project.

He stated that the MOU will pave the way for more involvement of the RoK’s private sector and tighter relations between the two countries.-VNA