Thailand searches for overstayed Syrians hinh anh 1Four Syrians who have overstayed their visas and remain in Thailand (Source :thaivisa)
Bangkok (VNA) – Thai authorities said on December 6 that they are looking for four Syrians who have overstayed their visas and remain in the country.

The announcement came as the country is on high alert after a Russian warning of possible attacks by Syrian members of Islamic State (IS).

The authorities did not confirm whether the four men were a security threat or not but said they were uncontactable and released their names and photographs.

Earlier, Thai media reported the Russian intelligent service (FSB) has warned that 10 Syrians linked to IS had entered Thailand.

According to Thai police, these Syrians had entered Thailand between October 15-31, with four going to Pattaya, two visiting Phuket, two staying in Bangkok, and the remaining two having their whereabouts unknown. 

The warning prompted Thai authorities to strengthen security. Some foreign embassies in Bangkok and the United Nations office have issued security alerts for their staff.

The four Syrians under the search entered Thailand between April and October, which is not in the timeframe specified by the FSB. The Thai Immigration Bureau attested they just want to locate them to charge for overstaying.-VNA