Thailand speeds up underground power line project hinh anh 1A worker cuts cluttered overhead power lines in Bangkok, Thailand. (Source: internet)

Bangkok (VNA) –
Thailand is speeding up the moving of power lines underground in areas along the mass rapid transit (MRT) lines in the capital of Bangkok and neighbouring provinces.

The Thai government has approved a 3.6 billion baht (over 300 million USD) funding to help the country’s Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) soon complete the project.

The cabinet said the current progress is too slow as just over 46km of the total 215.6km of the project has been completed.

Therefore, the cabinet will supplement more than 3.6 billion baht to accelerate the completion of the project within 3-4 years.

The MEA explained that it is making slow progress because it has to wait for other agencies to remove their infrastructures that are obstructing the work./.