The Metropolitan Police Bureau holds a meeting with representatives from public transport operators BTS and MRT in Bangkok. (Source:

Bangkok (VNA) – Thailand’s authorities on June 4 tightened security in the capital city of Bangkok and cities nationwide following recent bomb blasts and the discovery of weapons.

A large amount of arms, including 30 AK-47 assault rifles, some M-79 grenade launchers, and ammunition, were discovered in a pickup truck in the province of Trat, bordering Cambodia on June 3. The driver was a soldier from a military unit in Bangkok.

Previously, grenades were found inside a parcel at a Bangkok courier service, suggesting it was an attempt to smuggle army supplies for sale on the black market, according to local police. An army corporal was detained for investigation.

Major General Panuwat Lakboon, the Metropolitan Police Bureau deputy commander, summoned representatives from public transport operators BTS and MRT for a meeting to inform them about tighter security procedures after a series of bomb attacks in Bangkok.

He also called on local residents to stay high alert and informed law enforcement of anything suspicious.-VNA