Thailand to apply new migrant worker law hinh anh 1Migrant workers in Thailand (Photo: The Bangkok Post)

Bangkok (VNA) – Thailand will soon apply a new law targeting immigrant workers and employers hiring foreign workers, local media reported on June 9.

The new law will impose tougher punishments on those who illegally hire immigrant workers or who violate the basic rights of immigrant workers.

Accordingly, employers will face a fine from 400,000 THB – 800,000 THB (about 11,745 USD – 23,490 USD) for each illegal migrant worker they hire.

Any migrant workers found guilty of working without work permit or engaging in prohibited works will be fined from 2,000 THB – 100,000 THB (58.73 USD – 2,940 USD) or imprisoned for up to five years. 

The new law will also impose a maximum jail sentence of six months and a maximum fine of 100,000 THB on the offence of illegally withholding important migrant workers' documents.

Workers will be compensated if they are found to be victims by forced labour, or made to perform tasks other than those initially agreed with employers, or paid lower than promised. 

Thailand now has 1.3 million illegal migrant workers who are allowed to work temporarily without work permit till March 31, 2018. 

If employers want to hire and workers want to continue their work, they have to undergo a verification process before being granted legal work permits.-VNA