Thailand has mapped out a connectivity plan linking with other ASEAN neighbours to generate more exchange opportunities and increase tourist arrivals.

In the project, outlined by Ministry of Transport, Thailand will talk with their partners aiming at expanding bus service to Malaysia, Cambodia, Lao and Vietnam.

It is expected that the negotiations for drafting trilateral agreement designed to open bus routes connecting among Thailand, Lao and Vietnam. These route services will facilitate the flow of the country and its two neighbours in Indochina.

In regard to meetings with Cambodian counterparts, Thai authorities will propose to expand the quota for 400 passenger buses and trucks per day to cross border. Cambodia has allowed 40 Thai bus services per day to enter the country now.

Thailand will also to meet with Malaysian parners in order to launch bus routes to the southern country. Thailand does not operate bus services to Malaysia now, although tourist buses from Malaysia was still gone through Thai border.

The meetings scheduled this month will focus on opening bus routes to Malaysia from five southern provinces of Yala, Narathiwat, Pattani, Satun and Songkhla. The routes are expected to boost tourism and facilitate the linkage of ASEAN Economic Community.

Thailand has a great geographical location, in which they could become a connectivity center for South East Asia.-VNA