Thailand will be able to export more rice during the remaining month of this year, says the Thai Department of Foreign Trade.

According to the department’s Director General Surasak Riengkruea, the higher rice export figure stems from the government's efforts in clearing the stockpiled rice via G-2-G deals as well as selling it to domestic vendors. In addition, Thai rice has competitive prices comparing to that of other rice exporting countries.

By November 20, Thailand had exported 5.6 million tonnes of rice, worth 114.7 billion THB, representing decreases from last year's figures of 6.2 tonnes and 131.3 billion THB.

The Director General, however, predicted that Thailand will be able to export 8.5 million tonnes of rice, worth 171.3 billion THB altogether, by the year's end. As for 2014, he expected the industry to perform better, saying the country is likely to earn 154 billion THB from shipping at least 8 million tonnes of rice next year.-VNA