Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - Thailand's Department of Foreign Trade (DFT) is preparing to hold a seminar on border trade opportunities with Cambodia for small- and medium-sized  enterprises (SMEs) on December 7. 

DFT Deputy Director-General Adul Chotinisakorn revealed that the seminar will be held at the Indochina Hotel in Sa Kaeo province. It will serve to educate SMEs on important procedures and regulations for border trade with Cambodia. 

Border trade between Thailand and Cambodia is valued at over 120 billion THB per year. The first nine months of 2017 saw over 92 billion THB worth of border trade, with Thailand achieving a surplus of 55 billion THB. Sa Kaeo is the most lucrative province in terms of trade with Cambodia, averaging 60 billion THB per year. 

Sa Kaeo is situated on Thailand's eastern border with Cambodia, through which Thailand is connected to Vietnam. According to organisers, Thai businesses will be able to expand due to the vibrant logistics industry.-VNA