Thailand ’s relevant ministries and agencies will organise a conference to tackle the ‘Teen Pregnancy’ issue and the root causes of it.

Data from the Office of the National Economics and Social Development Board and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) showed that in 2012, Thai teenage mothers aged 15-19 have, on average, delivered one baby every four minutes and when tracing back by a decade, the number of girls of less than 15 years old who have become mothers has risen by almost three times.

Out of an annual 800,000 live births, 120,000 are delivered by teenager mothers.

Thailand ranks 5 th among countries with the earliest pregnancy in ASEAN, with many social problems for mothers and their children. The young mothers will have to leave school and hurt their opportunities for their future careers and the newborn babies may suffer from improper upbringing and improper development.

The meeting will discuss factors that are responsible for teenage pregnancies and come up with measures and practices to seriously tackle the issue.-VNA