Hanoi (VNA) – Thailand topped the list of Myanmar’s five ASEAN trade partners with over 3.87 billion USD during the period from April 2016 to February 2017.

It was followed by Singapore with 2.649 billion USD, Malaysia with 825 million USD, Indonesia with 719 million USD and Vietnam with 428 million USD.

Myanmar’s bilateral trade with the Philippines recorded 51 million USD but that with Brunei, Laos and Cambodia showed lower than 3 million USD.

In general, Myanmar’s trade with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) hit 8.5 billion UD in the last fiscal year 2016-17 as of February, one month before the end of the fiscal year, according to the official figures released April 30.

Of the total, Myanmar's export to the region's trading partners stood at 2.85 billion USD, while its import from them was 5.7 billion USD.

According to statistics, Myanmar's trade with ASEAN member countries was over 10.4 billion USD in 2015-16.

Myanmar exports to the region agricultural products, marine products, mineral and finished industrial goods, while importing from the region consumers goods, electronic products, capital goods, automobile and accessories and intermediate goods.-VNA