Thailand: two micro-parties pull out of coalition hinh anh 1Thai Civilised Party leader Mongkolkit Suksintaranont tell reporters at the parliament in Bangkok (Source:

Bangkok (VNA) - Two out of the nine micro-parties (MP) of Thailand - with each having only one seat at the country’s lower house, have announced that they would leave the coalition government and independently serve as "people's MPs" in the parliament.

Thai Civilised Party leader Mongkolkit Suksintaranont said that he and Pichet Sathirachawal, leader of Prachatham Thai, another micro-party, had agreed to serve as people's MPs, meaning they would not side with either the government or the opposition but will vote at their own discretion.

According to Mongkolkit, the two also agree not to accept any political positions offered by Palang Pracharath - the core party of the coalition.

He pointed out that the government does not need to worry about stability when the
two parties leave the ruling coalition.

If the two MPs withdrew from the coalition, the government will have 252 votes against 246 of the Opposition.-VNA