Thailand unveils additional 4.5-billion-USD stimulus package hinh anh 1Thailand's economy is facing strong headwinds from the country's latest COVID-19 outbreak (Photo: AFP)
Bangkok (VNA) - The Thai Government on June 1 approved a new economic stimulus package worth 140 billion baht (4.5 billion USD) to mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The country has been struggling to deal with its latest outbreak of coronavirus since April, which led to a significant spike in infections and deaths, stricter social distancing restrictions and a strong economic contraction.

Finance Ministry spokeswoman Kulaya Tantitemit said that the stimulus measures are designed to provide relief to people hit hard by the pandemic and drive domestic consumption.

The measures, scheduled to be implemented between July and December this year, consist of cash handouts, co-payments and e-vouchers.

Some 93 billion baht of co-payments are planned to support up to 31 million people, whereas 16.4 billion baht and 3 billion baht are designated as cash handouts to citizens under welfare support and to disabled people respectively.

In addition, another 28 billion baht will be distributed in form of e-vouchers to middle- and high-income groups.

Thailand's COVID-19 tally now stands at 162,022 cases, with more than 130,000 confirmed since April./.