The Thai Ministry of Labour has introduced a new mobile application that can translate Thai into the languages of ASEAN nations in hopes of facilitating workers and businesspeople in their communication when the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) officially opens.

The app called “Happy Talk AEC”, was launched at a July 9 event entitled “Wake up Worker”, which saw the participation of over 100 students, workers and entrepreneurs. It aimed to boost the readiness of participants for the AEC and consequential changes.

In his opening speech, Permanent Secretary for Labour Jeerasak Sukonthachart stated that the ministry is implementing several measures to accommodate Thai workers in the AEC era.

Among the examples raised were the facilitation of labour migration, setting up of a skilled labour certification system, establishment of an innovative training facility, assurance of workplace safety and improvement of the social security system.

The app can translate Thai into other ASEAN languages as well as Mandarin and vice versa, providing convenience for workers and business operators who need to communicate with their ASEAN counterparts. The app is now available for download free of charge.-VNA/NNT