The Thai government has just announced five schemes on hard infrastructure, soft infrastructure, service infrastructure, promotion and innovation, and society and knowledge as part of efforts to develop a digital economy.

Deputy Prime Minister Pridiyathorn Devakula was quoted by The Nation newspaper as saying that the digital economy will drive Thailand forward in the region.

The Electronic Transactions Development Agency will introduce e-documents so government offices could offer faster services to the public, he said, adding that the government plans to set up a National Digital Economy Committee in charge of policymaking.

Six subcommittees, staffed by people from both the private sector and the government, will support the accomplishment of the digital economy within one year, according to him.

The Thai government will cooperate with the private sector to provide suitable information technology infrastructure while still boosting confidence in hard and soft infrastructure to support the digital economy.

For service infrastructure, the government will create a platform to support the private sector as well as develop the digital skills of people and provide universal access to improve the efficiency.

Thailand now has more than 26 million Internet users, 33 million Line members and 28 million Facebook users.-VNA