UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on May 20 called on all sides in Thailand to restrain from violence and fully respect human rights after the Thai army invoked martial law across the country.

He urged them to work together to seek a solution to the prolonged political stalemate through constructive dialogue.

In a statement, the UN chief said the way to secure peace and prosperity in Thailand is fully respecting democratic principles and pursuing democratic processes.

Meanwhile, France reiterated the necessity to reach a political solution to end the crisis in Thailand.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the country keeps a close watch on the developing situation in the Southeast Asian nation and calls for a peaceful solution and the respect of the caretaker government’s mandate.

Earlier, the US and EU urged the Thai government to keep its promise of holding a new general election on August 3 in a fair manner. The US hopes the imposition of martial law is just temporary, as pledged by the Thai army.

Thailand's military declared martial law nationwide on May 20 following nearly seven months of antigovernment protests, during which 30 people have been killed and another 700 injured.

Thai army chief General General Prayuth Chan-ocha said it was not a coup but a move to restore order and build trust among foreign investors.

The caretaker government remains in place after the law was imposed, and called on all sides to hold talks for seeking an end to the crisis.-VNA