Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - Pattani province, southern Thailand, has been flooded for days with water from Bang Lang dam in Yala province, as the dam had to release a huge volume of water into the Pattani river.

Although Bang Lang dam had already raised the level of its spillways to reduce the volume of excess water flowing into the Pattani river, Pattani city and some districts, became thoroughly soaked in the days since January 6.

The water level of the Pattani river overflowed the capacity limit and flooded most areas of the province. Now the city, villages, main and secondary roads are covered with up to 2 meter high floodwaters.

Traffic on many roads was sluggish today. Some motorcycles broke down because the water got into their engines. Police officers from Pattani city had to help move the stalled vehicles and facilitate the movement of traffic.

Moreover, over 10 schools affected by the inundation have announced their closure for at least two days or until the situation is resolved.

The local authorities expect that it will take about five days to have the water propelled through the river and forced into the sea. The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has installed water pumps to accelerate the remedial process./.