Thailand-Laos forest planting activity held hinh anh 1Thailand and Laos have held a forest planting activity in the Thai province of Nan (Photo:

Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - Thung Chang district in Nan province of Thailand has held an ASEAN forest planting activity as part of the campaign promoting security and strength in villages along Thailand-Laos border, enhancing both countries’ relations.

Mr Kriangkrai Wechanurak, the district chief of Thung Chang, and Mr Samran Plangsawang, the governor of Xienghone District, Sainyabuli Province, Laos, have held a meeting on the enhancement of both countries relations among neighbouring cities along the border. The meeting was joined by Col Col Rattana Pattanasopon, the commander of 32nd Ranger Forces Regiment, Pha Muang force, and delegates from government agencies.

The officials then travelled to Ban Huai Sa Taeng village in Thung Chang district, Nan province, to officiate the ASEAN forest planting event as part of the strong villages along Thailand - Laos border campaign between Ban Huai Sa Taeng village in Nan province of Thailand, and Laos’ and Ban Don Jai in Xienghone district, Sainyabuli province, with the aim to allow people from both villages to mutually use and benefit from the forest, enhance the relations, love, and unity between villagers, local agencies, and local leaders from both sides, which will help prevent any conflicts in the future.

Sporting events have also taken place in addition to forest planting for the people from both villages to join, promoting a healthier lifestyle, encouraging unity, and allowing for the exchange of customs and cultures from both countries. – NNT/VNA