Rice harvesting in Thailand (Source: dreamstime.com)
Bangkok (VNA/NNT) - The Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE) of Thailand has revealed the progress of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives’ efforts to move Thailand towards the 4.0 era.

OAE Secretary-General Surapong Jiasakul said the ministry has implemented five projects to instill a value-based economy concept in the farming sector.

Firstly, the ministry introduced a large-scale farming project among farmers to help them cut production costs and increase productivity. The project is now 92 percent completed.

Secondly, the ministry set up more than 800 productivity learning centres. A total of 667 people visit each of them per day.

In addition, the concept of agricultural zoning was taught to Thai farmers. The project is aimed at matching crops with suitable farmland and available resources for better management.

The ministry is also determined to make Thai organic produce accepted in the global market. It signed a memorandum of understanding with Yasothorn province to raise the standards of organic farming in the province, which was chosen to be the model province for chemical-free farming.

In addition, the majority of livestock and crop farmers said they have truly benefited from the ministry’s banks-for-farm goods project which is divided into five different types. These banks provide knowledge and offer plant seeds and farmed animals to farmers.-VNA