Thailand’s EC delays announcing election results hinh anh 1Ballots are counted at a polling station in Narathiwat province of Thailand (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Bangkok (VNA) Thailand’s Election Commission on March 25 delayed without explanation the announcement of preliminary results of the general election – the first of its kind in the country since a military coup five years ago.

The decision was made as a blizzard of complaints mounted over apparent mistakes in the count and possible irregularities at the polls.

According to the EC, its computers were hacked and the election saw a massive 1.9 million votes invalidated.

The commission said as of 2pm on March 25, 95 percent of votes were counted.

It will release the preliminary results on March 29 and the official results by May 9.

The general election in Thailand took place on March 24 with over 50 million people eligible to cast votes.

A total of 81 parties contested the election, and thousands of candidates vied for 350 constituencies. The other 150 members of the House of Representatives will be elected from the national party lists under a system of proportional representation.

The election was observed by a group representing foreign countries and international organisations. The group includes those from foreign embassies in Bangkok, such as that of Australia, Bhutan, Cambodia, the Republic of Korea, and Vietnam.-VNA