Thai exports in 2015 are projected 4 percent of growth by the country's commercial ministry, a significant improvement after a consecutive two year period of negative expansion.

The projection is relied on the EU's Quantitative Easing (QE) policy in favour of Thailand export growth, said Nanthana Sakuntanak, Director-General of the ministry’s Department of International Trade Promotion.

She added the EU's monetary stimulus might help shore its economy and increase demand for Thai goods despite the baht strengthening against the euro, making Thai imports more expensive.

It is expected that Thai exports to the EU will grow by 3 percent which correlates with the growth in Purchase Order Index for January 2015, she said

To continue promoting the export sector, the Commercial Ministry of Thailand also focus on other activities in ASEAN and in emerging economies.

Cross-border trade between Thailand and four neighbours, last year, grew by 6.85 percent to 987.57 billion THB. Exports were up 5.26 percent to 589.66 billion THB, while imports rose 9.3 percent to 397.9 billion THB.

Cross-border trade accounts for 69 percent of the total trading value with the four neighbouring nations of this country.-VNA