The Thai Ministry of Commerce, in cooperation with the State and private sectors, is currently pushing for Khon Kaen to become a leading city in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Deputy Commerce Minister Srirat Ratthapana stated after attending a commerce and investment meeting in Khon Kaen that the city holds strong potentials to be an AEC hub in Thailand ’s northeast region.

Khon Kaen is currently considered the centre for commerce, investment and services and is a growing city in terms of business. It is also home to the consular offices of several countries, including China , Vietnam , Laos , and Peru .

Moreover, it has an airport capable of handling 32 flights per day and a train station. In addition, a high speed train project has already been planned for the region, which will later commercially link China , Laos , and Thailand.

Lastly, Khon Kaen boasts many tourist visitors and is considered an important tourist destination in Thailand . With all these aspects in mind, the government has deemed it a great candidate to be a leading AEC city in terms of commerce and investment./.