Thailand’s ministry to introduce innovations to businesses, industries hinh anh 1Thai Minister of Science and Technology Pichet Durongkaveroj. (Photo:

Thailand’s Ministry of Science and Technology will be introducing new research and innovations to increase the industrial sector's and SMEs' capabilities, increase product value and push the economy forward, the Minister of Science says.

Minister of Science and Technology Pichet Durongkaveroj has revealed the ministry’s priority after focusing on economic matters, is the introduction of science, technology, and innovation to support national economic development and increase public income. Different ministries will cooperate to bring about this objective.

He has said that the ministry will encourage investments in innovation in big industries, the SMEs sector, and on the regional level through practical implementation in communities. Research findings will be used to implement innovations on rice issues, community water management projects, processed foods, while OTOP products will have their values increased.

The Ministry of Science and Technology will promote the innovations coupon project in the industrial sector, as well as encouraging the transmission of technology and cooperation between the regional science centers and science parks with schools, industrial sector, and communities to encourage more science and technological implementations.

The Ministry will also focus on the development of human resources to accommodate future investments in innovations by the business sector, which goes in line with the government’s investment stimulation measures.

The Minister of Science and Technology has added that the ministry will receive a 10 percent increase in its overall budget next year. Budgetary increases will support the fund for research and innovations that will help improve the country’s economy in a sustainable manner.-VNA