The Orchid Market event located next to the government house has generated a trading circulation of 2 million THB during its week-long run, according to the Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE).

The Secretary-General of the Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE) Lersak Rewtarkulpaiboon, has revealed the OAE's findings from the Orchid Market event, held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the Office of the Prime Minister during 19-25 January 2015.

The event generated a trading volume of 2,034,740 THB, with retail volume at 1,544,740 THB and an additional 490,000 THB was also generated through trade negotiations.

The number of visitors to the event was approximated at a total of 10,000 persons with an average of 2,000 visitors per day during 19-21 January, and 1,000 visitors per day during 22-25 January.

Seventy retail booths were set up in this event. The booths consisted mostly of the cooperatives at 57 percent, while the farmers group hosted 37 percent of the booths, and the government agencies' booths were at 6 percent. Orchid exporters saw the event as an opportunity to increase their sales. Orchid exporters made up 40 percent of the retailers in this event.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the OAE Surasak Pannop has revealed that most traders and visitors were satisfied with the public relations measures, the infrastructure provided, and the timing of the event.

However, the OAE Deputy Secretary-General has said, there are some issues that should be improved, including a bid to continue the public relations activities, the availability of parking space, the directional signs to the event, and the mobile toilet units.-VNA