Thailand’s Waterworks Authorities reduce water bills, exempt fees hinh anh 1Naruemon Pinyosinwat, spokesperson for the Thai PM’s Office. (Source:

Bangkok (NNT/VNA) -
Metropolitan and Provincial Waterworks Authorities, have both agreed to cut water bills, exempt fees and open a register to facilitate water meter deposit refunds.

Mrs. Naruemon Pinyosinwat, spokesperson for the PM’s Office disclosed today that the cabinet was informed of the financial impact on citizens during the COVID-19 outbreak, especially those who had returned to their hometowns in the countryside and people who work from home who have to use more water than usual in their households. The water supply authorities then agreed to support their consumers with aid costing up to 6,077 million baht.

The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority has begun to reduce water bills in all categories of consumers from April to June. The first category is consumers who use less than 10 cubic metres of water, who will be totally exempted from water bill payment. Category 2 consumers using more than 10 cubic meters of water, will receive the first 10 cubic mestres be free of charge, with the cost of a further 10 cubic metres being cut by 20 percent.

Household consumers are now able to register for a water metre deposit refund, while organisational consumers can register on July 1.

In addition, the water pipe service will not be cut due to unpaid bills before September 30.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Waterworks Authority will cut water bills for all consumers by 20 percent except for governmental agencies and state enterprises that will be cut by only 3 percent. And the water bill payment date will be extended to the 20th from the present 10th of every month.

Moreover, the payment fee will be cancelled for both metropolitan and provincial consumers until June 30./.