Thai people on average spend at least 7.2 hours per day or 50.4 hours per week surfing the web, according to a survey by the Electronics Transaction Development Agency (ETDA).

The survey was conducted on a sample of 16,596 Internet users during April to May 2014.

Internet usage has increased by 56 percent compared to last year. Based on that figure, Thais only spent 32.3 hours per week online in 2013. Most Thais used their smart phones as their primary device to access the Internet, closely followed by desktop and notebook computers.

Regarding the most commonly used social media platform, Facebook topped the list at 93.7 percent, followed by Line at 86.2 percent, Google Plus at 34.5 percent, Instagram at 34 percent, and Twitter at 16.1 percent. However, all the time on the Internet can also draw unwanted attention on users.

Online behaviours that are deemed risky among Internet users include posting status updates on Facebook about their physical location, refusing to change passwords constantly, and sharing photos in open groups.-VNA