Speeding up administrative reform, organising more investment promotion activities, and focusing resources on upgrading infrastructure are the main measures the central province of Thanh Hoa is going to take in a bid to support businesses operating in its Nghi Son Economic Zone (EZ) this year.

The Nghi Son EZ covers an area of more than 18,600ha, with most factories focusing on heavy industry, basic industry and the Nghi Son seaport.

In 2014, the zone attracted 41 domestic projects with a total registered capital of over 3.1 trillion VND (145.7 million USD), and three foreign investment projects worth 40.5 million USD.

In the year, enterprises in the zone generated 18 trillion VND (846 million USD) in revenue and created jobs for around 63,000 labourers.

The zone also houses the Nghi Son Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Complex (NSRP), the largest-ever in Southeast Asia and the largest FDI project in Vietnam with capital topping 9 billion USD.

As many as 27 percent of the project’s works has been completed, with 1.65 billion USD disbursed.-VNA