The Thanh Hoa provincial chapter of the Vietnam Women’s Union and the Federation of Cuban Women (FCW) have expressed their wish to increase visits and share experiences, contributing to fostering traditional ties between the two countries and their women.

During a meeting in the central province of Thanh Hoa on October 9, Chairwoman of the chapter Le Thi Nuong presented an overview of its activities over the past years, saying that the chapter has launched 637 clubs grouping 10,000 women to help each other escape poverty and train them in handicraft vocation.

The province has so far built 17 cooperatives and 113 team groups run by women while improving activities of the businesswomen’s association and 12 businesswomen clubs attracting nearly 800 members.

FCW Secretary General Amarelle Boue, who is also member of the State Council and the National Assembly of People’s Power, said FCW is a mass organisation that brings together 90 percent of women aged over 14 who work for the goal of safeguarding Cuba’s revolutionary achievements, promoting gender quality and anti-domestic violence.

It also provides effective model of vocational training and consultation for its members.

Cuban women are also present in the State leadership ranking and embedded in all spheres of socio-economic life, with 42 percent in the Party Central Committee, 48.8 percent in National Assembly and nine ministers, she added.-VNA